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Buddhism & Yoga On The Lakeshore

Spirituality & Holistic Health

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The Lake Michigan shores, the beaches, the sand, waves, and sun--even the storms, ice banks, thunder and lightning are all magical and a bit mystical to all of us who call this home. There is a certain draw to these waters that many of us consider Spiritual and Sacred.  There is a Oneness and a Wholeness about these waters.  As one Zen Master put it, "The wave does not have to become enlightened to know that it is part of the ocean."  Nor do we have to become enlightened to know that we are a part of the Oneness of the water, wind, sun, waves, and sand.  We are One with the All...



All Are Welcome!

We meet on Sundays 12pm at

On The Path Yoga

701 E. Savidge St. #3

Spring Lake, MI, 49456


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White Sands Zen Center is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization that relies upon the generosity of likeminded people such as you!  Please consider donating during our Spring Appeal.  Your gift is tax deductible and you will be emailed a receipt for your donation.  

Thanks for supporting the Lakeshores only Buddhist, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Holistic Health Center!

Your donation can be sent to PO Box 515, Grand Haven, MI,  49417.  Please include your email and you will receive a tax receipt within five days.

Thank you and be well!

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