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About Us

The White Sands Zen Center is a Buddhist Temple dedicated to teaching of the Dharma, Ayurvedic Yoga, and Holistic Health. Offering classes, teachings, and educational information about health, healing, and hope along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Our Story

The Lake Michigan shores, the beaches, the sand, waves, and sun--even the storms, ice banks, thunder and lightning are all magical and a bit mystical to all of us who call this home. There is a certain draw to these waters that many of us consider Spiritual and Sacred.  There is a Oneness and a Wholeness about these waters.  As one Zen Master put it, "The wave does not have to become enlightened to know that it is part of the ocean."  Nor do we have to become enlightened to know that we are a part of the Oneness of the water, wind, sun, waves, and sand.  We are One with the All!

It was based on these ideas and thoughts that a small group of us in the West Michigan shoreline community hatched the idea of a center that would host several like-minded entities under one banner: The White Sands Zen Center.  Within this setting would be housed a Zen Buddhist Spiritual Community, with meditation, classes, Dharma teachings, and more.  Additionally, this community will include Ayurvedic Yoga, Holistic Health Segments, Healthy Eating, and Holistic Health Products.  It is being created with the idea in mind that wholeness is health...and health is wholeness.  It is our mission to bring this health and wholeness to our Lakeshore community.  We invite you to join us in this grand adventure.  Who knows??  Along the way, you just might meet yourself!!


The White Sands Zen Center is a totally volunteer nonprofit organization supported fully by the generosity of people like you.  Please consider a one-time or ongoing donation to support this West Michigan Spiritual Community by clicking the donate button below.  Thank you for being a supportive part of our endeavors!!

Meet The Team

Am Koe Beighley Su, Abbot

Dr. David Am Koe Beighley Su is an Ordained Buddhist Monk in the Korean Taedo Tradition.

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Jenn Jettner

From a young age, Jenn has always felt the healing energy from the forest and had a deep rooted love for nature.

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Arya Vinaya Lachney Su / Dr. Morgan Lachney

Arya Vinaya Lachney Su/Dr. Morgan Lachney is an ordained Boddhisatva and Buddhist Dharma Teacher.

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Meet The Board


Andrew Witter


From the Central regions of Michigan, Andrew came to West Michigan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music at Grand Valley State University, graduating in December of 2020. During that time, he became an "explorer of consciousness", extensively reading and studying Eastern Religion, spirituality, and philosophy, and reading the Bhagavad Gita, Autobiography of a Yogi (by Yogananda), listening to Ram Das, Jack Kornfield, and Thich Nhat Hanh. Finding himself specifically drawn to Zen Buddhism, he began attending WSZC and is working on a better understanding of how he can best serve in creating a revolution of compassion.

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