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Nicole is a West Michigan native deeply rooted along the Lake Michigan lakeshore. 
She has been an entrepreneur since a young age. Creating and owning a few different businesses that center around empowering women, soul work, and love.

From a young age Nicole was always drawn to spirituality, religion,  and seeking out more about life.

Nicole is the founder of More Love Collective, a company that makes jewelry and gives 50% of the proceeds back to the world offering MORE LOVE.
She offers soul guidance to women in her coaching business through private and group programs, workshops, and retreats.
Nicole is a yoga instructor and owner of Alchemy Yoga Studio in Grand Haven, Michigan. Alchemy offers a wide array of classes and workshops in a safe and sacred space.

Nicole is the proud mother of her daughter Olivia Rain. She is married to Tim and adores and considers Tim’s boys Austin and Tyler her own. She has a French Bulldog that she may be a tad obsessed with name Sitka Sue.

Her favorite place on earth is, Sedona.

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