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Dr. David Am Koe Beighley, Sunim

September 27, 2022

On Sunday, September 25, we opened the White Sands Zen Center for the first time to the public at the site of On The Path Yoga Studio, courtesy of owner, Sandy Parker. It is a lovely space, light and airy, and very fitting a Buddhist community. We had a total of 18 people join us for this first Service and a Dharma Talk entitled, "Who Are We And What Are We Doing On The Lakeshore??".

We began by reciting The Three Refuges, greeting one another as a new community, presenting the Dharma Talk, a period for questions, answers and discussion, a brief period of meditation, announcements, The Closing Gathas, followed by a social time with tea and cookies.

Why am I sharing this with you?? Because I have deep gratitude for every individual who entered this sacred space to share this time with us. About a third of those in attendance had no previous experience with Buddhism and came because they were looking for a different kind of spiritual experience than they previously had encountered.

We shared about the upcoming Book Club beginning on October 20, featuring Walpola Rahula's book, What The Buddha Taught. I am grateful for those who expressed interest.

We shared about the opportunity to take a class to receive the Five Buddhist Precepts. I am grateful for those who expressed interest.

We shared about the Buddhist 12 Step Recovery program to be beginning soon. I am grateful for those who expressed interest.

In attendance were old friends and new friends, all of whom showed great enthusiasm and support for what we were doing on the lakeshore. I am grateful for their interest and support.

There was good, deep, friendly conversation after the Service. I am grateful for those conversations.

There was attendance on the Zoom feed...even thought I was muted for most of the Service!!!!! For those who stuck with us, I am grateful...and know what to do differently next time!

Dr. Morgan Arya Vinaya Lachney, Joanne Lucas-Lachney, Jenn Jettner, and Karen Beam all came half an hour early to help set up the Dharma Hall, including fresh flowers, candles, incense, statuary, and more. For these dear friends, I am grateful.

I have no idea what next Sunday will bring, when the Dharma Talk will be entitled, The Seventeen Basic Tenets of Buddhism: The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, and The Five Buddhist Precepts. What I can tell you is that I am already grateful for whatever comes our way in those moments and every moment.

Thank you all for contributing to my gratitude!! My hope is that you felt grateful, as well!

May all be safe, may all have good health, and may all be at peace!!

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